Judit Halász

Mysore Magic

I have recently spent 2 months in Mysore and it’s been a very deep experience, as always.

Both India and Mysore are truly magical places and the more I learn about Ashtanga Yoga, the more I feel there’s so much more to learn and experience.


My main focus was on the daily asana practice, pranayama, meditation, chanting and deepening my yoga philosophy and Sanskrit knowledge.


This time I understood that maintaining a certain level in the asana practice is equally a hard work, as improving. I eagerly wanted to start the thirds series when I arrived and I had so much to improve in the second. Of course, I could start it towards the end, but patience and desire were fighting inside of me.


Somehow I feel this is all connected to our daily life, as well. We need to work on maintaining our happiness and contentment on the way. It’s not always about achievements and happy days.


Also, I understood (I already felt this for a few years), that there’s so much more beyond the asana practice.

Asanas are the tool to be able to sit and meditate for a long time, to focus inward and find the answers to our questions. Because the truth and the wisdom are somewhere deep down inside.


Yoga could be a companion for a lifetime, therefore I don’t feel that I need to rush anything. I would like to keep a sustainable practice. I would like to peel as many layers of my emotional and spiritual body, as possible, to understand and listen to my true self.


Ashtanga Yoga is definitely a journey within.










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