Judit Halász

I do believe in Thai Massage

I have tried so many different therapies and massages, yet,  Thai Massage felt the most effective for me. So I was honoured to have the opportunity and join various training and learn how to give this amazing healing art.

It’s different from the western approach of massage, as it’s focusing on the energy lines (SEN) and acupressure points. We are concentrating on the physical and emotional blocks and the energy flow in the body.

Thai Massage believes that all the energy lines are connected to each other, it looks at the body as a whole.

So we work on the feet and legs, even if you have back pain and it’s effective.

During the session, it feels like a meditation for both recipient and practitioner, as all the movements are synchronised with the breathing. We work on the tension with twists, stretches, palm press walk and direct work on the energy lines.

Thai Massage is working with thumbs, hands, forearms, elbows, feet and knees applying different pressure for different needs and different areas of the body.

The recipient doesn’t need to be flexible, as the practitioner supports the recipient during the session.

The effect of the massage is a great energy and blood flow, feeling free of tension, feeling taller (no joke), flexible, have a better posture and so many others.

You need to try and then decide.


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