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Ashtanga Yoga- The journey within

What does Ashtanga Yoga mean to me?

I practised Hatha Yoga and martial arts for several years and when I found Ashtanga Yoga I fell in love straight away. Many people find it challenging, others just love it. I’m not saying it’s the best and only, everyone needs to find what resonates best with them.

Ashtanga Yoga means to me the journey within, control of mind, focus, dedication, surrender, love, health, freedom, passion, to believe in myself, and so many others. I find myself going deeper and deeper in self-realisation, peeling layers off the surface of my emotional and spiritual body.

I started to understand many things in life through practice, which doesn’t mean only sweating on the mat. I love experiencing and understanding the practice on my own skin, deepen my knowledge and share this light with my students. They mean so much to me. Their dedication, persistence and curiosity.

I like to go back to basics and get another perspective on the board. It’s never-ending learning and devotion. There are no different levels, it’s your own path, your own pace. Everyone finds something in Ashtanga that can support their life through strength, balance, flexibility and focus. There’s so much more behind the physical aspect of Ashtanga Yoga.

We all face challenges in everyday life and get into stressful situations, however, the practice can help to respond to these better, as we stress our physical and emotional body during asana practice.

I can’t express how much it means to me. The daily practice and when you get together with other Ashtangis and sharing the focus and love through practice. Those energies are really raising and you just feel so free and happy afterwards.

I wish more people could experience Ashtanga Yoga and get to know better ourselves, heal ourselves and have a balanced and happy life.


Om, peace

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